Grand Stud Day 2010 - Trefaes

Photo above shows Trefaes Exterminator f.2000 (Fronarth Victor x Trefaes Enchantess) who for me typified the Trefaes Ds, cleaned limbed, powerful moving and with more than a whiff or that welsh haughtiness that helps to make a good welsh cob such a mesmorising in hand animal.

My first visit to Trefaes, loved the setting, finally got to meet Huw & Carys who also had a fit and hearty group of helpers to help show off their As and Ds. I enjoyed seeingĀ  Drogeda Stormy Tempest's "Granny" the 24 year old Trefaes Black Pearl as well as the younger animals of course, think the stallion pictured above was my favourite from the second phase of the open day.

** Please let me know who the two Section A stallions are, and also if I've made any errors with the naming of the stock. I'm sorry I missed the first five - I took a long cut to the stud (blush) **

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